NBL22 Way Too Early Predictions

It’s time to take the first look into the NBL22 crystal ball.

While there are still some key player signings to be announced and pre-season form to assess, our panel of experts have provided their way too early predictions for NBL22.


Who will win MVP? 

Liam Santamaria – Bryce Cotton (Perth Wildcats)

Peter Hooley – Peyton Siva (New Zealand Breakers)

Andrew Gaze – Jarell Martin (Sydney Kings)

Corey Williams – Bryce Cotton (Perth Wildcats)

Jenni Screen – Nathan Sobey (Brisbane Bullets)

Matt Logue – Bryce Cotton (Perth Wildcats)

Jo Healy – Bryce Cotton (Perth Wildcats)

Kane Pitman – Jaylen Adams (Sydney Kings)


Who will win the Coach of the Year?

Liam Santamaria – Brian Goorjian (Illawarra Hawks)

Peter Hooley – CJ Bruton (Adelaide 36ers)

Andrew Gaze – CJ Bruton (Adelaide 36ers)

Corey Williams – Dean Vickerman (Melbourne United)

Jenni Screen – Adam Forde (Cairns Taipans)

Matt Logue – Dean Vickerman (Melbourne United)

Jo Healy – Chase Buford (Sydney Kings)

Kane Pitman – Simon Mitchell (South East Melbourne Phoenix)


Who will make the All-NBL First Team?

Liam Santamaria – Bryce Cotton, Peyton Siva, Tyler Harvey, Vic Law, Jarell Martin

Peter Hooley – Peyton Siva, Bryce Cotton, Chris Goulding, Isaac Humphries, Jarell Martin

Andrew Gaze – Jarell Martin, Vic Law, Bryce Cotton, Nathan Sobey, Tyler Harvey

Corey Williams – Bryce Cotton, Tyler Harvey, Mitch Creek, Sam Froling, Isaac Humphries  

Jenni Screen – Nathan Sobey, Bryce Cotton, Isaac Humphries, Vic Law, Chris Goulding  

Matt Logue – Bryce Cotton, Matthew Dellavedova, Nathan Sobey, Mitch Creek, Isaac Humphries

Jo Healy – Bryce Cotton, Isaac Humphries, Jarell Martin, Lamar Patterson, Tyler Harvey

Kane Pitman – Jaylen Adams, Tyler Harvey, Bryce Cotton, Jarell Martin, Zhou Qi


Which Next Star will make the biggest impact?

Liam Santamaria – Nikita Mikhailovskii (Tasmania JackJumpers)

Peter Hooley – Ariel Hukporti (Melbourne United)

Andrew Gaze – Mojave King (Adelaide 36ers)

Corey Williams – Mojave King (Adelaide 36ers)

Jenni Screen – Ousmane Dieng (New Zealand Breakers)

Matt Logue – Mojave King (Adelaide 36ers)

Jo Healy – Ousmane Dieng (New Zealand Breakers)

Kane Pitman – Nikita Mikhailovskii (Tasmania JackJumpers)


Who will win Rookie of the Year? 

Liam Santamaria – Ousmane Dieng (New Zealand Breakers)

Peter Hooley – Luke Travers (Perth Wildcats) 

Andrew Gaze – Luke Travers (Perth Wildcats)

Corey Williams – Kai Sotto (Adelaide 36ers)

Jenni Screen – Luke Travers (Perth Wildcats)

Matt Logue – Makur Maker (Sydney Kings)

Jo Healy – Makur Maker (Sydney Kings)

Kane Pitman – Luke Travers (Perth Wildcats)


Who will win the Most Improved Player? 

Liam Santamaria – Luke Travers (Perth Wildcats) 

Peter Hooley – Kouat Noi (Cairns Taipans)

Andrew Gaze – Ryan Broekhoff (South East Melbourne Phoenix)

Corey Williams – Luke Travers (Perth Wildcats)

Jenni Screen – Ryan Broekhoff (South East Melbourne Phoenix)

Matt Logue – Deng Deng (Brisbane Bullets)

Jo Healy – Mojave King (Adelaide 36ers)

Kane Pitman – Mason Peatling (Melbourne United)


Who will make the finals?

Liam Santamaria – Perth, Illawarra, South East Melbourne, Melbourne

Peter Hooley – New Zealand, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne

Andrew Gaze – Sydney, Melbourne, Illawarra, Perth

Corey Williams – Illawarra, Melbourne, South East Melbourne, Sydney  

Jenni Screen – Perth, Illawarra, Melbourne, New Zealand

Matt Logue – Melbourne, Perth, Illawarra, Sydney

Jo Healy – Sydney, Perth, Illawarra, South East Melbourne

Kane Pitman – South East Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne


Who will win the championship?

Liam Santamaria – Perth  

Peter Hooley – New Zealand

Andrew Gaze – Sydney  

Corey Williams – Illawarra

Jenni Screen – Illawarra

Matt Logue – Illawarra

Jo Healy – Perth

Kane Pitman – South East Melbourne


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