Bulk Nutrients NBL22 Fantasy Fix | Round 3

Written for by Tom Hersz


NBL rivalries are real and they’re spectacular!

In what was a mouth-watering round of action overall, culminating in a double overtime thriller, two huge rivalry games lived up to their billings.

Firstly, the Hawks travelled up the M1 to take on the new-look Sydney Kings after a massive build up during the week. There was some hot shooting, some big dunks, a lot of feistiness and a close game. In the end, the Hawks signalled to the league that they’re worthy of being considered one of the title favourites, getting a huge road win and taking early honours in NSW bragging rights.

Then on Sunday afternoon, the battle for Melbourne was on at John Cain Arena. Fresh off a 2-0 start, the South East Melbourne Phoenix destroyed their cross-town rivals early on to build an 18-point lead, before giving it all back. United came roaring back behind Matthew Dellavedova in his first home game and they nearly caused an upset. But the Phoenix kept their cool a little more, executed better down the stretch and remained undefeated, while United are now 0-2 and desperately need CG43 back. 

If your NBL Fantasy team needs some help to turn things around, because try as you might, you’re just not getting the results you want so far, then look no further.

Your Bulk Nutrients Fantasy Fix will help you make the right choices to ensure you get the better of your league rival in your next match-up.


Round 3 (Dec 16 – Dec 22)

3 Games: Sydney

2 Games: Brisbane, Illawarra, Melbourne, New Zealand, Perth, Tasmania

1 Game: Adelaide, Cairns, S.E. Melbourne

In what may end up the most stacked round of the season, we have a whopping 9 games to get through in Round 3. The Sixers and Phoenix drop back to a single, Cairns has another single, while six teams have doubles. 

And as if that’s not enough, we have our first (and possibly only) triple-game round of NBL22 belonging to the Sydney Kings.

If you didn’t plan ahead for this round’s schedule over the first two weeks, you’ll need to plan this week’s trades carefully. The Kings are tempting with that triple, but they then have singles in 9 of the next 10 rounds, including three straight after Round 3. 

In fact, no team has a double in Round 4, making the Hawks – with doubles this week and in Round 5 – look very appealing. Meanwhile, your 36ers can be traded out as they don’t have another double until Round 8.

To help you figure out your finances, let’s look at the top 10 price risers and price fallers after Round 2;



  1. Robert Franks: +$100,000 ($1.18m)
  2. Zhou Qi: +$100,000 ($1.13m)
  3. Cameron Bairstow: +$100,000 ($1.12m)
  4. Matthew Dellavedova: +$100,000 ($1.09m)
  5. Luke Travers: +$100,000 ($0.870m)
  6. Majok Majok: +$100,000 ($0.738m) 
  7. William McDowell-White: +$97,000 ($1.05m)
  8. Tyrell Harrison: +$94,000 ($0.933m)
  9. Josh Magette: +$87,000 ($1.13m)
  10. Duop Reath: +$85,000 ($1.12m)



  1. Finn Delany: -$100,000 ($1.04m)
  2. Scott Machado: -$100,000 ($1.01m)
  3. Isaac Humphries: -$100,000 ($0.950m)
  4. AJ Ogilvy: -$100,000 ($0.892m)
  5. MiKyle McIntosh: -$100,000 ($0.855m)
  6. Nathan Jawai: -$100,000 ($0.839m)
  7. Tom Digbeu: -$100,000 ($0.692m)
  8. Dane Pineau: -$97,000 ($0.905m)
  9. Peyton Siva: -$95,000 ($0.882m)
  10. Cameron Gliddon: -$91,000 ($0.867m)


After only two players rose by the maximum in the opening round, we had six guys making you as much money as possible in Round 2. Headlined by Robert Franks and Zhou Qi, two former Boomers teammates in Cam Bairstow and Matthew Dellavedova joined them, along with a pair of Wildcats in Luke Travers and Majok Majok.

Will McDowell-White’s career game was enough to earn him a huge rise, while Tyrell Harrison, Josh Magette and Duop Reath also put up strong scores to round out the top ten earners.

Zhou led all fantasy scorers with 107 total fantasy points for the round, closely followed by McDowell-White and Bairstow who each topped 100 fp.

Not faring as well were some of last season’s biggest fantasy scorers in Finn Delany, Scott Machado and Isaac Humphries. They each fell by the max and Humphries’ price is now under $1million. Surely better days are ahead. 

Single digit scores cost Nate Jawai, Tom Digbeu and AJ Ogilvy the max, while MiKyle McIntosh’s struggles continue and he also dropped by $100k.

Dane Pineau and Cam Gliddon lost a chunk of value as they work their way back from injury and Peyton Siva’s early exit saw his price also fall by a lot. 

Now that you know how much is in your fantasy wallet, it’s time to look at the top trade targets for Round 3.


Robert Franks, PF/C, BNE ($1.18m): For the second straight week, Franks has shown why the Bullets signed him. And for fantasy managers, you’re now looking at the top average in the game at 59.5fp after two rounds. Averaging 20 points, 11.5 rebounds (5 offensive), 1 block and 1 triple per game so far, Franks is a great fit for this format and doesn’t need a lot of shots to be effective. With a double on tap in Round 3 and a reasonable price tag, he’s just about a must own right now.



Tyrell Harrison, C, BNE ($0.933m): Sobey and Patterson may dominate the usage for Brisbane, but it’s their big men who’ve put them in a position to win. Franks’ frontcourt partner is averaging double-digit rebounds (second in the league) and also blocking a shot per game. He’s a double-double threat each game and that makes him really appealing, especially at this price and with a double this week.


Lamar Patterson, SF, BNE ($1.13m) and Nathan Sobey, PG/SG, BNE ($1.52m): Speaking of Sobey and Patterson, it would be remiss of me not to point them out as viable options this week with Brisbane on a double. Sobey has the second highest fp average in the league right now, but a hefty price tag. Patterson was huge against Perth on Sunday, but is yet to put together an all-around game where he racks up those ancillary stats like boards and assists, along with a big scoring line. The Bullets do have another double in Round 6, so you could bring one in with the view to keeping them, but you may need to be selective with Brisbane players this week.


Antonius Cleveland, SF, ILL ($1.09m): Not just a highlight reel player – although he has had some tasty highlights already – Cleveland is a defensive menace. He’s averaging 3 steals and 1.5 blocks per game so far, as well as 5.5 boards and 12.5 points. He put up a very nice 58 fp against Sydney in Round 2 and looks to be getting more acclimatised to this league and his role under Brian Goorjian. With two games in Round 3 and another double in Round 5, take a trip to Cleveland.



Duop Reath, C, ILL ($1.12m): The preseason hype raised a few eyebrows, but the only thing raising eyebrows now is the play of Reath. The Grim Reather, as some are calling him, is proving a very difficult matchup for opposing centres with his ability to both stretch the floor, but also make plays off the bounce. He’s shooting an insane 65.4%/50%/100% split right now from the field, three-point range and the FT line, averaging 22.5 points and 8 boards per game for good measure. If you’re trading out of Zhou Qi, Reath is a great option.


Matthew Dellavedova, PG, MEL ($1.09m): After an underwhelming NBL debut, Delly got back to what he does best on Sunday – hustle. He set the tone for United’s comeback and filled the box score with a little of everything on his way to a whopping 75 fp – good for the second highest single game score of the round. When Delly is boarding and dishing like that, as well as looking for his own shot, he’s incredibly hard to stop and with two games on the fixture for this weekend, his 23% ownership is sure to rise. Just be aware United’s next double after this week is not until Round 11.



Will McDowell-White, PG/SG, NZB ($1.05m): We’ve seen big games from him before and we know the talent is there, but can he do it consistently? That’s been the question. Now, with Peyton Siva out 4 to 6 weeks with a torn hamstring, the ball will be in McDowell-White’s hands a lot. We saw on Sunday what kind of line he can produce when he’s locked in, and even if he doesn’t shoot like that again, he can contribute on the boards and with his playmaking. A double this week makes him appealing.


Majok Majok, C, PER ($0.738m): That double-double has eluded him so far in NBL22, but you know it’s coming. Majok has grabbed double-digit boards in two of three games and is also averaging 4.7 o-boards. He’s blocked 4 shots on the young season and seems to have the faith of Scott Morrison and his teammates. With Matt Hodgson still trying to return from a calf strain, it looks like there are still big minutes available for ‘Jook and at that price, he makes for a great bench option.


Xavier Cooks, PF, SYD ($1.27m): The price is getting up there, but then so is the production. Xav got his first double-double of the season in Round 2 and is averaging 48.5 fp so far. He’s also averaging 5 dimes and 1.5 blocks and with those numbers to support to his scoring and rebounding, he’s sure to put up big scores. A three-game round this week means Cooks has to be a target of yours.



Josh Magette, PG, TAS ($1.13m): There’s only so many times I can tell you how his game is made to fill up your fantasy box score. Magette had another strong round, with scores of 32 and 55 fp. He’s averaging 43.7 fp on the season, so he’s going to keep making you money at that rate and with another double this week, he has to be considered.


Others to consider:


Hugo Besson, SG, NZB ($0.966m): After catching fire in the fourth quarter on Friday night in Melbourne, Besson stayed hot against Adelaide on Sunday. He poured in a combined 51 points across the round, making 9 threes in total, plus chipping in 12 rebounds. Siva is out and Besson plays some back-up PG at times. If Jeremiah Martin misses more time, Besson’s role will only grow more. Even if Martin plays, Besson is playing with supreme confidence and should continue to produce.



Angus Glover, PG/SG, SYD ($0.611m): If you ignore the scuffle that saw Glover’s night end early, you’d have noticed the great game he had with 16 points, 7 rebounds and 3 triples, while making some big plays. With the uncertainty over Jaylen Adams and RJ Hunter due to injury, as long as Gus doesn’t get suspended, he’s a great option on the triple this week.


Captain’s Choice


There are a lot of options this week for your captain, but a few stand out.

Firstly, with three games this week, there’s one lock as a captain option who is a double-double threat in Xavier Cooks. I’m not sure I trust any other Kings right now as captain with Adams under an injury cloud and Jarell Martin underwhelming a little.

So next up for me is the leading fantasy scorer in the league in Robert Franks, and while you could give his teammate (the second leading fantasy scorer in Sobey) a look, I like the reigning MVP from Perth instead to bounce back after a woeful shooting game on Sunday. 

With that in mind, here are my top three Captain choices for Round 3:


Xavier Cooks, PF, SYD

Robert Franks, PF/C, BNE

Bryce Cotton, SG, PER


I rank them in that order too.

With so much choice for multiple games this round, it’s really important to look ahead in the schedule when you’re making your trades. You don’t want to be burning them on bringing guys in and out and in again.

So, study the form, but also play the fixture and you’ll soon get the results you’re after and beat your rivals when you need to.



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