Bulk Nutrients NBL Fantasy Fix | Round 13

Written for by Tom Hersz


When you’re hot, you’re hot. And there were plenty of players who fit that bill in Round 12.

Cam Gliddon turned back the clock to show everyone he’s still an elite shooter in this league, by going 6-6 from downtown and 7-7 overall on Saturday against Brisbane. Jo-Lual Acuil was his usual dominant self against the Phoenix last Thursday going 11-13 from the field including a perfect 3-3 from long range. 

Bryce Cotton hit 8 triples against Sydney on Saturday, although it wasn’t enough for a win. Shea Ili was a perfect 3-3 from deep, 4-4 overall and also hit 4-4 free throws in United’s big win over the Breakers on Sunday. 

Sam McDaniel was also perfect from long range, going 4-4 and 8-9 overall on Sunday for a new career-high 20 points. While teammate Josh Adams also hit 8 threes on Sunday from just 11 attempts as the JackJumpers knocked down a league best 22 threes overall in their stunning win over the Hawks in the ‘Gong.

Yes, there were some legit heat checks happening around the league this past round and it made for some great action and also some incredible fantasy scoring.

If your NBL Fantasy team needs to find a way to heat up, then look no further. Your weekly Bulk Nutrients NBL Fantasy Fix is here to lend a helping hand … hopefully a hot one.


Round 13 (Feb 24 – Mar 1)

2 Games: Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Illawarra, Perth, Tasmania 

1 Game: Melbourne, New Zealand, S.E. Melbourne, Sydney


This week’s fixture gives us a whopping eight games to enjoy. Cairns and Illawarra have another double each, while Adelaide and Brisbane start their own streak of doubles. Perth and the hot JackJumpers also have two games on tap this week.

The Hawks then have two straight singles coming up, Cairns has one more double in Round 15, while the Wildcats and JackJumpers also double up again in Round 15, but not the week prior.

Not sure how much money you’ve got to trade in those must have players this week? Let’s look at the top 10 price risers and price fallers after Round 12;



  1. Jo Lual-Acuil: +$100,000 ($1.74m)
  2. Yanni Wetzell: +$100,000 ($1.58m)
  3. Jaylen Adams: +$100,000 ($1.54m)
  4. Duop Reath: +$100,000 ($1.33m)
  5. Lamar Patterson: +$100,000 ($1.27m)
  6. Ryan Broekhoff: +$100,000 ($1.26m)
  7. Daniel Johnson: +$100,000 ($1.24m)
  8. Xavier Rathan-Mays: +$100,000 ($0.919m)
  9. Shea Ili: +$100,000 ($0.903m)
  10. Jack McVeigh: +$91,000 ($0.797m)


  1. Scott Machado: -$100,000 ($0.814m)
  2. Isaiah Moss: -$100,000 ($0.600m)
  3. Harry Froling: -$100,000 ($0.524m)
  4. Tahjere McCall: -$99,000 ($1.36m)
  5. AJ Ogilvy: -$97,000 ($0.395m)
  6. William McDowell-White: -$95,000 ($0.909m)
  7. Chasson Randle: -$91,000 ($0.758m)
  8. Keanu Pinder: -$80,000 ($1.02m)
  9. Tyler Harvey: -$77,000 ($1.13m)
  10. Michael Frazier: -$77,000 ($1.03m)


The undisputed best centre in the league dominated once again. Jo Lual-Acuil put up a monster line in the Throwdown before a quieter game in an early blowout on Sunday against the Breakers. Still his 95 total fp, while down on average for him, was good for the second highest total score of the round and another maximum price rise.

He was joined by another big man whose form wavered for a short while, but he seems back to his best. Duop Reath led the league with 100 total fp across Round 12 and he too earned the maximum $100k rise.

Those two were joined by three guards who had big rounds and max rises in Xavier Rathan-Mays (94 fp), Jaylen Adams (90 fp) and Shea Ili (85 fp). Also earning max rises were Ryan Broekhoff, Lamar Patterson, Daniel Johnson and Yanni Wetzell – despite his lowest score of the season in one the Breakers would sooner forget.

Lual-Acuil remains the most expensive player in the game at $1.74m, ahead of Bryce Cotton ($1.64m), Xavier Cooks ($1.64m), Jarell Martin ($1.60m), and Yanni Wetzell ($1.58m). Jaylen Adams and Cam Bairstow are the other players over $1.5 million.

Not faring as well were Scott Machado and Isaiah Moss again, along with Harry Froling. Those three all dropped by the maximum $100k this week. 

Tahjere McCall was not far behind with a $99k loss, hurting many who captained him in the process. AJ Ogilvy, Will McDowell-White and Chasson Randle also lost more than $90k, while Keanu Pinder, Tyler Harvey and Michael Frazier rounded out the top 10 price fallers’ list.

With hopefully more cash at your disposal, let’s check out the best trade targets for Round 13.


Daniel Johnson, PF/C, ADL ($1.24m): I said my piece last week on why DJ is appealing right now with Humphries done. He showed that again in Round 12 with another strong game (18, 9, 4 and 3 blocks for 56 fp). He’s now averaging 53.7 fp over his last three games and with rumours flying that the Sixers are looking to bring in a third import at the guard spot (i.e. not to replace Humphries), there’s even more reason to like DJ heading into Adelaide’s back-to-back doubles this week and next.


Mitch McCarron, PG, ADL ($1.27m): We saw Mitch get back to being Mitch again in Round 12. Maybe it’s cos his wife and young son are back in Australia with him. Maybe it’s cos the Sixers are back in a rhythm after several COVID related disruptions over the past month. Or maybe halfway through the season, he’s finally feeling comfortable with his new team. Whatever the reason, McCarron had a season-high 14 points against Cairns along with 7 boards, 5 assists and a career-high 6 steals! His 66 fp was his second-highest total of the season and his first game over 50 fp since Round 7. With back-to-back doubles on tap, Mitch just makes sense. 



Robert Franks, PF/C, BNE ($1.34m): His price may have dipped a little recently, but it’s back in the positive and Franks put on a masterful display on Saturday night in one of his better games of the season – which is saying something. 23 points, 8 boards, 4 dimes, 1 steal and 5 threes for 54 fp. That is nice. Yes, Sobey was out and might return this week, but Robo has his groove back, so get on board once more. It’s always a fun ride – especially with two straight doubles.


Lamar Patterson, SF, BNE ($1.27m): Speaking of in the groove, Patterson has been huge in recent weeks. His form is getting back close to his All-NBL best from a couple seasons ago and his fantasy owners are the beneficiaries. Patterson had 59 fp on Saturday against the Phoenix and is now averaging 56.3 fp over his last three and 48 fp over his last five. That’s handy production and it’s not slowing down.


Tahjere McCall, SG/SF, CNS ($1.36m): When you get burned, as many did by McCall in Round 12, it’s tough to trust someone, but keep the faith. This isn’t so much a recommendation to trade him in this week, but one to keep him in if you already own him. He’ll bounce back. The Snakes have two games at home and McCall has averaged 49.3 fp there in four games this season. That’s a pretty good track record so stay the course.


Stephen Zimmerman, C, CNS ($1.33m): If you’re trading out of JLA or Zhou Qi this week at the centre spot, then give big Zimm a look. His form has been inconsistent, but he’s had some monster games this season and at times looked very dominant. Against Adelaide on Sunday, that was certainly the case as he had 21 points, 13 boards and 2 steals for 58 fp – his third highest fantasy score this season and fourth double-double. The Taipans have a double this week and again in Round 15, so you’d get good value out of him.


Xavier Rathan-Mays, PG, ILL ($0.919m): I think it was Andrew Gaze who said of Xavier Munford “X by name, X-factor by nature” but that could just as easily apply to Rathan-Mays. He’s been that swing player off the Hawk’s bench all season long and had some big moments late in games. With Tyler Harvey struggling to make an impact at times, XRM has stood up to be playmaker and that was the case in Round 12. Against the Snakes he was solid, but as the Hawks tried to stay with Tasmania on Sunday, Rathan-Mays was big. His 12 points, 10 boards and 9 assists were massive with the boards, dimes and his 64 fp all season highs. That form is important as the Hawks try to bounce back from a tough loss with another double game round this week.



Duop Reath, C, ILL ($1.33m): Last week I asked, ‘Is he back?’ Asked and answered. Reath led the league with 100 total fp in Round 12 and had his second highest scoring game of the season with 25 points against the JackJumpers. He’s now scored 210 fp over his last 4 games and is averaging 49.5 fp over his last six games. That would be good for third in the league over the season. This is the last double the Hawks have until at least Round 16, so make the most of it.


Bryce Cotton, SG, PER ($1.64m): It’s been a while since we spoke about Cotton in the Fantasy Fix, but only because the Wildcats haven’t had a double since Round 9. Nothing much has changed with BC. In fact, if anything he’s gotten better. Averaging 45.1 fp over his first ten games of the season, he’s upped that to 59 fp over his last three. He’s scored over 30 points in his last two games and hit 12 of 25 from deep and 20 of 42 overall during those two games. Just sensational form, so with a double this week and again in Round 15, it’s a great time to maximise his value. He’s not cheap, but he’s worth it.


Josh Adams, PG/SG, TAS ($1.08m): Adams is a scorer. Like some other scoring guards in the league such as Chris Goulding, Dejan Vasiljevic or Tyler Harvey, that doesn’t always translate to solid fantasy production. That’s been true in several games this season for Adams, but then in others, we’re reminded how electric he can be. That was true on Sunday when Adams went off for a season-high 28 points, hitting 8 threes and also dishing 4 dimes. His 51 fp led his team and it was his second highest total of the season. He’s scored over 20 points in two straight games, has found his range from beyond the arc and has a double game round this week. What’s not to like?



Others to consider:


Jason Cadee, PG/SG, BNE ($0.935m): Four straight games with 30 or more fantasy points for Cadee. Yes, they’ve all come with Nathan Sobey out and that might change, but Cadee has embraced the lead guard role and has been dropping dimes. He’s averaged 7 assists per game over that span, swiped 1.8 steals and is still knocking down threes. Handy value for your bench with two straight doubles.


Mitch Norton, PG, PER ($0.931m): After missing the first three rounds of the season, Norton took some time to find his form. But he’s done that lately and has stepped up noticeably. He’s scored in double digits in his last four games after failing to do so in his first four. But he’s also having his trademark impact defensively, playmaking and knocking down some threes when he’s open. Norton is averaging 34.3 fp over his last three games and been pretty consistent of late. With two games on tap, he’s a nice option to consider.


Captain’s Choice

We need to switch it up this week as some of our favourites from recent times are no longer on doubles or a little down on form.

JLA is no longer an option. Neither is Jaylen Adams, Xavier Cooks or Mitch Creek and you may have your reservations about Tahjere McCall now too.

So, let’s look at which teams we can choose from. Adelaide gives us Daniel Johnson or Mitch McCarron. From Brisbane it’s Robert Franks or Lamar Patterson. Cairns has big Zimm if you’re not sure about McCall. The Hawks have Duop Reath. While there’s the reigning MVP from Perth also available. That’s probably the list.

You’re not going to captain Vic Law, Josh Magette, Josh Adams or anyone else from the Hawks.

So based on their track records and recent form, I think there are maybe five guys to consider being DJ, Franks, Patterson, Reath and Cotton. You could throw McCall into that mix if you trust him to bounce back, but if you have other options, then you’re looking elsewhere.

Factoring all of that in, here are my top three Captain choices for Round 13:


Lamar Patterson, SF, BNE

Duop Reath, C, ILL

Bryce Cotton, SG, PER


Patterson’s form has been great, but he’s probably the least dependable of those three. So I’d rank them Cotton, Reath then Patterson.

Franks has the ability to bust out, as does McCall but they’re harder to trust. And while DJ’s form has been great, his ceiling has always been a little lower than others.

If you’re looking for a hot hand to boost your team’s fortunes, the names above are some of the hottest in the league. 

Trust the form and make the right moves. You’ll soon be firing on all cylinders as well.


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